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SternMaid: Contract manufacturing that pays off.

Since its establishment in 1996, SternMaid has grown continuously to become one of Europe’s leading contract manufacturers. From toll blending of powdered food ingredients and production of food supplements to the manufacture of pharmaceutical excipients, your order is in excellent hands with us. All our services meet the relevant requirements of the Life Science industry, a fact that has been confirmed by several major food manufacturers.

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The SternMaid factory in Wittenburg

Our factory in Wittenburg, near Hamburg, which has been enlarged several times, is one of the most modern facilities of its kind. On our company site with an area of 60,000 m² we have three fully automated blending lines, four semi-automated multifunctional lines and a qualified pharmaceutical blending line.

Processing of products with fluid bed technology

The SternMaid factory has recently been enlarged to house a fluid bed processor and a pilot fluid bed unit. The introduction of fluid bed technology has enabled us to offer processing in the form of drying, granulation, agglomeration and coating. For example, we can dry enzymes out of fermentation solutions or spray them onto the desired carrier; vitamins and oils can be encapsulated or probiotic micro-organisms covered with a protective and functional coating.

Contract manufacturing as the complete service chain

From procurement of the raw materials to delivery of the goods we offer you the whole service chain in the field of contract manufacturing. With our commitment and our expertise in toll processing we are able to meet even close deadlines in top quality. Our success as contract manufacturers is based on the skill of our 250 employees and our state-of-the-art production plant – and we shall continue to make every effort to justify the confidence our customers place in us with that little bit of extra quality, care and safety that makes all the difference.

How we work: responsibility and Code of Conduct

SternMaid is part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, an internationally operating family company. Sympathy, technological know-how, respect and curiosity: these principles of corporate action make our group of companies successful. Our corporate policy is responsibly based on long-term thinking and sustainability in order to leave an intact environment to future generations - ecologically, socially and economically. Ethically, morally and legally correct conduct is important to us and this is why we orient our daily actions on a Code of Conduct that applies worldwide.


Code of Conduct

Fluid bed technology

New options
for your products
  • Soluble, flowable, dust-free, capable of tabletting, masked, or with protection of the active substances: we design your powder or granulate product and solve your problem. We use our pilot fluid bed processor to make up trial quantities and take your product up to market maturity step by step, in dialogue with you.

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