Fluid Bed Technology

Our fluid bed processors:
technology for innovative products

Drying, granulation, coating, encapsulation, agglomeration or instantization: with our fluid bed processors we make up individual products as powders or granulates with defined properties.

Your partner for contract production by fluid bed

Gentle drying of thermosensitive products

Unlike conventional spray drying, fluid bed technology permits drying of the products at very low temperatures. That is because the drying temperature can be adjusted separately from the drying time in the process.

Tailor-made product development

In close collaboration with our customers we develop tailor-made products on the pilot fluid bed processor in our laboratory. The sample batches produced there later constitute the basis for reproducible results on the commercial-scale production plant.

Fluid bed technology for a diversity of applications

Our multifunctional fluid bed processor offers a large number of technical options and was designed specially for the wide range of applications in contract manufacturing. The processor permits both batch and continuous operation. Features such as Wurster inserts, in-line sifting and grinding and various ports enabling adjustment of the nozzles for top or bottom spraying equip the processor for (almost) any application.

Facts and figures Laboratory unit Production unit
Type Glatt Procell 5
with conventional bottom screen and spouted bed
Glatt AGT 1600 T
with 1.60 m bottom screen diameter and insertable spouted bed
Production method Batch or continuous operation Batch or continuous operation
Batch size 0,5–1,0 kg 250–500 kg
Evaporation speed Up to 5 l/h Up to 500 l/h
Process air 20–130 °C, up to 250 m³/h
Filter class F9
20–130 °C, up to 14.000 m³/h
Filter class H13,
demoisturing <8g/kg air
Nozzle arrangement Top and bottom Top and bottom
Inserts Optional Wurster insert Optional Wurster insert
Piping for spraying liquids Heated for coating applications requiring melting Heated for coating applications requiring melting
Particle size definition Windsifter principle and screen tower Windsifter principle and screen tower; pin mill for in-line grinding during continuous operation
Product fields
  • Pharmaceutical excipients
  • Functional foods
  • Food supplements
  • Food ingredients


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