Toll blending / liquids

The right blend for your liquids.

Blending of sensitive liquids for the pharmaceutical industry is a job for specialists. Solutions, emulsions, suspensions or pastes: our blends are always correct, thanks to qualified production plant and reliable expertise.

Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry: stirred – not shaken!

Qualified plant and premises

We produce liquid toll blends for the pharmaceutical industry in qualified plant and premises in accordance with Part II of the EU GMP Guide / ICH Q7. The requirements for ambient air are met in accordance with ISO 14644-1, ISO Class 8. Our facilities enable us to produce non-sterile pharmaceutical excipients and certain intermediates. A validated cleaning process ensures maximum hygiene and safety.

The right mixing technique for every order

Solids are worked in gently with an anchor mixer. For more intensive mixing a jet mixer is used. Our double-walled, 1,500-litre mixing tanks can be heated to 130 °C, and high-melting substances can be liquefied in advance in a heating chamber or added directly through a melting grid. The range of equipment is complemented by a cold chamber for storing and preparing substances at low temperatures.

Filling and refilling into all containers

Our filling capabilities range from 100 ml to 1,000 litres. We fill customized plastic bottles, cans or IBCs.
We are also pleased to carry out ordinary repackaging orders for transferring goods from one kind of container to another.

Facts and figures

GMP liquid blending technology
  • Qualified production areas with a controlled environment
  • Qualified GMP liquid blending plant
  • 1,500-litre mixing tank, heatable to 130 °C
  • Anchor mixer or jet mixer
  • Filling into plastic bottles, cans or IBCs from 100 ml to 1,000 litres
New options for your products
  • Soluble, flowable, dust-free, capable of tabletting, masked, or with protection of the active substances: we design your powder or granulate product and solve your problem. We use our pilot fluid bed processor to make up trial quantities and take your product up to market maturity step by step, in dialogue with you.