Warehousing & delivery

Lower costs and less environmental impact:
we will take on your warehousing and logistics.

Whatever we process for you can also be stored with us. To cut costs and CO2 emissions, many of our customers dispense with unnecessary conveyance of goods and supply their own customers with raw materials, intermediates and finished products directly from our modern, barcode-controlled high-bay warehouse. That is why we have enlarged our warehouse capacity to accommodate 20,000 pallets.

Storage under hygienic conditions

High-bay warehousing

All goods are stored in pallet racks without direct contact with the floor. Besides the usual separation of packaging materials, raw materials and finished products we have further zoning systems that take allergens, temperature specifications etc. into account. Of course our monitoring system for pests includes the warehouse too, with non-toxic mouse boxes, pheromone traps and UV light traps.

Barcode control

By means of pallet barcodes and WLAN scanning of all pallet movements we can tell at any time where each individual pallet is. The final scan takes place when the products are loaded into the truck. The delivery note can only be printed out if all the pallets making up the consignment have been recorded; that excludes any risk of incorrect loading.

Temperature zones

Well insulated halls ensure narrow temperature ranges which are recorded with data loggers. The 25 °C mark is never exceeded, even in long periods of summer heat. For extremely sensitive goods there is a separate storage area with a temperature of 8 °C and another area regulated to 18 °C.

Logistics and customs clearance

Of course we can also take on your entire logistics chain –from choice of a forwarder through customs clearance to just-in-time delivery to your customers. Whether the goods are to be shipped within Germany or worldwide: our experience enables us to offer almost any form of transportation and see to the relevant formalities. We have an open customs warehouse and take part in active processing.

Optional minimum stock administration

We offer our customers a minimum stock administration service at the warehouse. In this way we ensure that goods are re-ordered automatically if the quantity in stock falls below a certain level.

Delivery: no chance of errors

Our outgoing goods system with WLAN scannung excludes any risk of incorrect loading.

Storage at exactly the right temperature

Data loggers ensure that all goods are stored in exactly the right temperature zones.