Toll blending / liquids

Solutions, emulsions, suspensions or pastes:
we will always find the right answer.

Different equipment is available for processing liquids, depending on the customer’s requirements. For filling liquids such as solutions and emulsions into bottles, cans or IBCs it cover a range from 100 ml to 1,000 litres.

The right solution for every solution

Line 1: for oily and aqueous solutions

We use our blending plant with a batch size of 800 litres for making oily or aqueous solutions. In this special blending unit we use a propeller or cup mixer.

Line 2: for stable viscous solutions

Our blending line for stable viscous solutions has a heated outside tank with a mixer that can be filled from a road tanker. Raw materials in powder form can be worked in homogeneously using an Ytron system, and suspensions can be made effectively without the inclusion of air. The mixers of our heated processing and filling tanks can work in other liquid components too.

Line 3: for sensitive products

We offer you a sophisticated blending plant for highly sensitive products which is qualified according to Part II of the EU GMP Guide / ICH Q7. The 1,500-litre blending tank can be heated to 130 °C. For special purposes a jet mixer is used. Solids are worked in very gently with an anchor mixer. High-melting substances can be liquefied in a heating chamber or added directly through a melting grid.

We also blend powders
  • Compounding of powders is part of our absolute core business. In the field of powder blends we offer customized solutions for orders of all sizes and even for the most sensitive applications.

Examples of products

  • Premixes for the downstream food processing industry
  • Food supplements
  • Specialities for athletes