SternMaid Werk I und II

Contract manufacturing is a matter of trust:
Your product in our professional hands.

SternMaid is a contract manufacturer working in foods, nutritional supplements, foods for special medical purposes and pharmaceutical auxiliaries (excipients).

For many companies, outsourcing presents a real challenge. For ultimately it means handing over responsibility. SternMaid is aware of that. So we make every effort to justify the trust our customers place in us with superior quality, care and safety.

Since its establishment in 1996, SternMaid has become one of Europe’s leading contract manufacturers. Profits have always been re-invested continuously, and capacities and technical equipment steadily enlarged and modernized. So cooperation with SternMaid is a guarantee of flexibility and safe, reliable production – now and for the future.


Sales - Nutrition and Pharma Products

Frank Hellerung Tel.: +49/(0) 3 88 52 / 409-655

Sales - Food

Denny Werger Tel.: +49/(0) 3 88 52 / 409-607


Tel.: +49 (0) 3 88 52 / 666-60

Our most important application areas

Food additives

Do you want to improve the structure, flavour, colour and shelf life of your food products? We blend and supply everything you need, from baking powder to enzymes, from proteins to sugar substitutes.

Nutritional supplements

We manufacture and refine your highly nutritious lifestyle and health products, like diet beverages, lactose, whey drinks, protein preparations, drink powders and sports nutrition.

Pharmaceutical raw materials

We can process your pharmaceutical auxiliaries (excipients) to order in our certified blender or fluidised bed system.


Family-friendly company

The regional business development agency granted SternMaid the “Family-Friendly Employer” seal on 23 October 2018 in recognition of our successful certification.

Opening of second plant

Einweihung Werk II

NEW: Successful certification of the system according to FSSC 22000

Since January 2015, the food safety management system of the contract manufacturer SternMaid has been certified according to FSSC 22000. The certificate confirms that  the company meets all the safety requirements relevant to the production of food. More…

Expanding in America!


SternMaid America gets started in Chicago! Facility in Illinois offers comprehensive, customized contract manufacturing services for compounding powdered substances, in particular food supplements.