Fluid bed processor / spray granulation

Spray granulation: gentle drying, layer by layer.

In the spray granulation process a granulation seed is enveloped in several layers. The layers come about through the drying of fine particles dissolved in a liquid sprayed into the fluidized bed. The result is a granulate with very little dust and the further benefits of a compact and firm structure.

Spray granulation for additional value

Gentle drying of heat-sensitive raw materials

In contrast to the spray drying process, the retention time of the product in the fluid bed can be selected freely; this permits spray granulation of heat-sensitive products at very low temperatures. Residual moisture and particle size can be adjusted individually.

Enhanced product attributes

Spray granulation results in granulates with a round, compact structure. They have the advantage of excellent flow properties, a high bulk density and a narrower range of particle sizes. Their adjustable attributes make them easier to process further.

Tailor-made granulates

Spray granulation with fluid bed technology gives you freedom of choice: residual moisture, particle size and the solids content can be adjusted precisely.

Dust-free granulates

In the case of irritant substances such as enzymes, the dust-free granulates make an important contribution to occupational health and safety during subsequent processing.

Spray granulation

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How spray granulation enhances your products
  • High level of final activity through minimal heat damage
  • Excellent dispersibility in liquids
  • Very good flow properties and accurate dosing
  • Better tabletting
  • No separation of the individual components
  • No dust or abrasion
  • Narrow range of particle sizes
  • High bulk density

Examples of products

  • Excipients
  • Enzymes
  • Vitamins
  • Omega-3
  • Natural and synthetic colourants
  • Plant extracts
  • Protein hydrolysates
  • Fermentation products