Raw materials service

Make use of our
comprehensive range of raw materials!

We offer you our comprehensive expertise in raw materials and our service for the purchase, storage and quality control of raw materials. We will also be pleased to process your materials further or order them from your supplier of choice according to your specifications.

Profit through our flexibility in raw materials


We have about 800 different raw materials permanently in stock to meet your orders. This diversity enables you to take advantage of synergisms in purchasing and enjoy more favourable terms.


We will be pleased to buy raw materials for you according to your specifications and from your stated suppliers. This method simplifies the procedures within your company, since you only have to keep the finished article on your books.

Provision of own raw materials

Do you already have your own sources of raw materials? Naturally we will also be pleased to work with the raw materials supplied by you.


Years of experience with our raw materials service are a guarantee of reliable handling. Raw materials can be delivered in silo trucks, FIBCs or individual containers. To avoid any cross-contamination we keep raw materials strictly separate when feeding them into the process.

Raw materials service: you can rely on us

We will order, store and process all the raw materials you need for your finished products.